Our Initiative to sanitize and disinfect all our Hotelier's properties and Corporates in commercial with households

Reliable Support 

Disinfection and Cleaning Services

Kills disease - causing viruses and germs including Coronavirus*

Also removes the other harmful bacteria, including pest control services.

Professionals equipped with protective gears and safety measures

Trained and fully equipped experts serving the support

Certified, hospital grade disinfectant used in each support service we share

EPA ( Environmental Protection Agency Act ) approved chemicals suitable for commercial and residential use

Total sanitisation of high touch surfaces

Spraying and wiping off the door handles, switchboards, lift buttons etc.

*As per our Partner in manufacturer's claim*

*Approved Certification on each service*


  • Does it kills Coronavirus?

Yes the chemicals and disinfectants are certified enough to kill harmful germs and coronavirus*

  • Which all areas will be covered in this service of disinfection?

For Hotels - Every Hotel Room, Lobby, Front and Back area of the hotel, Restaurant, kitchen, main porch, parking will be covered in the service.

For Commercial Offices - Entire area of the office organization establishment will be covered

For Households - Bedrooms, Kitchen, Common areas and bathroom will be covered in the following disinfection service.

  • How is it done?

A fumigation machine is used to spread the chemical which kills viruses and bacteria. This is followed by Wiping the High-touch areas such as door handles, switchboards and knobs etc with the chemical for complete disinfection of the area either commercial or household or hotel property.

  • How much time does it takes in the service?

It takes 1-2 hours depending on the size of the area either house or commercial office or a hotel property.

  • Can we stay inside the house or area while the service is in process?

No, it is advisable to not at all enter the disinfected area for 2 hours. To ensure once our partners

(Service Provider Warriors) will leave the area for your use, then only it will be treated as ready to use for the rest of the day or time. 

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